Everything About Your Pup’s Farewell

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Is it finally the time to bid farewell to your pet? Farewells are the hardest goodbyes, but it is not only a goodbye. With it comes a new journey. We know the worth of your dog to you. Pets bring bountiful joy, happiness, and companionship into our lives. But unfortunately, there comes a time when you have to bid him goodbye. Instead of thinking about his absence, you can think of all the good times that you had with him. Consider your pet’s death as a time for reflection and even a triumph of a life you had together.

There are several funeral and pet cremation choices. By consulting your family, you can make a decision on how you would carry out the process after he leaves for his heavenly abode. It may be difficult for you to come to a final decision at this moment. We come across many bereaved pet owners who later regretted making a hasty decision.

You may be in a daze and will be upset, both of which will make these decisions difficult and will intrude on your grief. Many pet parents regret the actions they take because of their clouded thinking. We indeed try to ensure you receive the best service, but only you know how you will carry out the process. This article can cater as a free and easy farewell planning idea giver to you. I hope this article provides some valuable ideas and suggestions to help you plan for this miserable time and, most importantly, give you the options so that you opt for the appropriate choice for everyone , including your dog.

What is a Farewell Planner?

The Farewell Planner is a way of writing down your wishes as a will for your pup. You can choose the options available and make a document which you can refer to later on.

Pre-planning Is Wise

It is wise to think for the future and plan for your pet’s passing as this will allow you to think decisively about your wish, and if it is a family pet dog, the thoughts of family members, including children, also come in. However, never leave the decision-making part to the last minute as emotions get heightened with profound grief governing, leading to a wrong decision.


If you wonder about your pet’s passing beforehand, it will help you decide decisively. It will be enriching if you manage to write your wishes down in a plan so that it does not slip your mind during a time of panic. You can alter and revise your plan at any time.

Things to Keep In Mind

There are multiple things to consider before the actual time:

Where would you like your pup to breathe his last (your home, the vets)?

Who will be with him when the time comes?

When do you want to bid farewell?

How do you plan to cremate his body? Body care option (burial, communal cremation, or private cremation)?

Remember that there are people who can guide you through the process of making a decision, including your vet.

Symptoms that show your pup is not doing well can include:

  1. Loss of craving
  2. An aversion towards playing and moving around as normal
  3. Restlessness or becoming distant from you
  4. During the time of your pup’s sleep, you may see all the above indicators, and your pet may seem apprehensive, uneasy, or disorientated within your home.

Is there not a way out?

As your vet, we will share all the possible treatment options for your pet to alleviate its symptoms. Still, there will come a time when all the treatments will fall short, perhaps because the treatment is incurable. Again, you and your family may discuss this with your veterinary surgeon to reach a final decision; we can fix an appointment for you in this scenario.

When and where should we bid farewell?

We believe this section will help you and your family comprehend your pet’s final journey. It is known as ‘euthanasia,’ but we use the phrase ‘putting to sleep.’ After discussing with everyone, including your vet, and deciding that the time has arrived, you can contact your surgeon and make an appointment. Keeping in mind your convenience, we will book an appointment– usually at a more peaceful time of the day.

You can even make the appointment in the comfort of your own house. If you like it at home, we will do give our best to fix a house visit. In these circumstances, a vet and a nurse will come to your house. When they have put your pet asleep, they will either carry the body back to the surgery or leave them with you to bury at your place. 

Will I be able to give my pup company?

When your pet is put to sleep, being present will be both emotional and distressing, but most parents feel that they provide comfort to their pet during their final moment and can make their last goodbyes. But this is not the same for everyone; it is fine if you do not want to stay cooped up in the room with your pet but make your goodbyes later on. We will always give you and your family time to do this.

What will happen?

Initially, your vet or some other member of our team will ask you to fill up a consent form to leave them to put your pet to nap. You may have already consulted with your vet about what you want to do with your pet’s body, but we will verify this on the consent form.

Many owners are startled by how tranquil euthanasia can be. In euthanasia, you need to inject an overdose of anesthetic into the vein of your pet’s front leg. Some of our vets would have previously tried out a catheter into the vein or sedated your pet if they are particularly worried or uncomfortable.

Once the anesthetic is pushed, your pet’s heart will stop beating, and they will rapidly lose consciousness and stop breathing. Your vet can check whether it worked or not and confirm that your four-legged companion has left for his heavenly abode. Sometimes, the pet’s muscles and limbs may tremble, and they may gasp a few times; these are mere reflex actions – not signs of life – but may be upsetting. If they take place, they are inevitable. However, your dog’s eyes will remain open, and it is normal for them to clear their bowel or bladder as they come to their climax.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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