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Adopting a puppy is one of the most joyous experiences in this world. So naturally, you will have the craving to show him your world. Well, are you planning to be a pet parent any time soon? Remember, the first walk of your puppy always remains precious in his life. Since he is oblivious to everything around him, it is your responsibility to guide him through the process.

Besides the vitality of exercise and socialization for a growing pup, there are some other precautions you should apprehend before going on any outdoor adventures with your new furry family member. Thus,  before you step out with the pup in tow, you must go through our expert advice on the dos and don’ts of your little friend’s first walk.

  • Vaccinations

Before taking your pup somewhere, you need to visit your vet and get him the immune vaccine. Vaccinations will defend him against harmful, highly contagious, and transmissible diseases that can pose a threat to your health, too. Most of these diseases can be potentially fatal to your pup, and often, treating the disease becomes too costly. By getting the vaccination done, you can ensure your puppy is well-protected before he ventures outside.

  • Choose the appropriate collar

It is mandatory to start your puppy’s first walk on the right paw, so preparation is essential. First, you need to comprehend whether your puppy is comfortable in his new collar and whether it fits him before you take him out for a walk. The collar or harness must be of a robust, flexible material. It is preferable to dodge metal chains since they can be quite heavy for puppies. You must also check if the fastener is easy to operate and that the collar or harness does not strangle your friend. You can examine this by sliding two fingers between it and your puppy’s skin. At the same time, the lead must be strong and fasten securely to the collar. Ensure it does not break (lest the puppy tries to run off).

  • Train your puppy to stay calm

Next, get your puppy familiar with the concept of being held by the collar or harness. Grab the collar and tenderly calm the pup with the other hand so that he cannot twitch. Wait until he stands calm and still before you shower him on appreciation and release him. Practice this frequently, dodging any wriggling, and he will soon learn to wait steadily.

You can then join the lead again, just playing at first to make him happy with this new concept. Then start to retain the lead, keeping still, and appreciate him whenever he comes to you. Ensure to free him when you people are together. It will refrain him from learning the technique of dragging on the lead.

  • Start Socializing Your Little Friend Early

Before taking the initiative of going out with your little companion for a stroll, you can call your friends and relatives to your place. It will encourage social interactions. A dog is most adaptable between the ages of 4-12 weeks; thus, early communication can introduce him to new sights and sounds and teach him new things. It will also help him to become more confident when he goes out with you for a stroll. 

Lest your pup meets other dogs on the way, ensure he has a positive experience. It is best to avoid older, injured, or non-friendly dogs, as they can be a peril to your four-legged friend. Never forget to ask other pet parents before letting your pup come to their vicinity!

Keep Your Walking Supplies Handy

If you aspire to be thoroughly equipped for your puppy’s first walk to ensure everything goes smoothly, ensure you have all of these essentials handy:

  1. treats to remunerate your pup
  2. dog trash bags
  3. a phone for contingencies
  4. a water bottle and a pop-up doggie bowl
  5. any doggie apparel if required

Initially, a leash and collar can feel very unusual for a pup, and the first time you put it on, you may notice that he is not walking. To curb the discomfort, gradually introduce a leash and collar by putting it on your dog a few days before your walk to make him get used to the feel of it and become more at ease while walking and moving around with it on.

  • Concentrate On Positive Experience

With every walk, your pup is learning and trying to garner knowledge of everything around him. Ensure they positively experience these things through ample play and treats!

If you notice any unusual behavior or emblems that indicate your pup may be stressed, get them off from the situation. You don’t want to burden your puppy or have him walk with anxiety.

  • Acknowledge Your Pup’s Boundaries

You may be excited about the thought of taking your pup on his first magnificent adventure, however, bear in mind that your puppy needs to start small and gradually progress into longer walks. At about four months post your puppy’s vaccinations, your puppy’s walk should be about 20 minutes long, twice a day, and you can enhance it by 5 minutes every month as they grow older. It can help protect his joints and prevent them from overly exerting him.

It would be best if you allowed your pup to walk at his own pace. Take him somewhere peaceful, away from the hassle, and let him initially take the lead, allowing him to stop, sniff and explore as he likes it. Soon, he will be eagerly awaiting walks and bonding time as much as you do.

Is your pup reluctant to go for a walk? Then, let us lead you through the process! 

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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