How to interpret your dog’s thinking or feeling?

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A true friend is ready to help in moments of your crises. Your dog is one of that kind. He is prepared to bear anything for you. But for that, we need to reciprocate. We are required to understand them. I know, you must be feeling how it is possible when they don’t speak our language. Well, it’s possible to communicate with them. A dog mostly expresses himself with his physical presence. However, some body languages need to be understood, if you want to know what’s in his mind. 


Your dog will wheeze quietly, if he is calm. It can be so discreet that you may mistake it for light breathing. Panting happens when your little friend is busking with energy. If you go on a brisk walk with your pup, then his breathing will slightly accelerate. 

It can also be a sign of serious chronic illness for your dog. Giving him a fair amount of resting time to placate him is one way. But if you notice that the panting is persisting for a long period, you must consult your vet. 


This is difficult to identify. Experts say that groaning may be a dog’s way of communicating his basic needs. Groaning can be a sign of excessive stress. However, if your dog is ill, he will groan to manifest his discomfort. By spending more time with your dog, you will get acquainted with him. 

Wide-open Eyes

If your dog’s eyes are wide open to you, it means he is seeking your attention. This, you need to spend more time with him. 


Unlike your yawn, your dog’s yawn depicts something else. It can be an emblem of his anxiety or that he is in a bad mood or perhaps feeling uncomfortable. However, if your dog mimics your yawn, it means you guys are closely attached. 

Face licking 

If he is feeling pressured, nervous or stressed, you will find him licking his face. Also, when he salivates the most, you will catch a glimpse of him licking the face. 


The speed of your dog’s tail should be kept in check. For instance, if he wags in a slow-motion, it means he’s on standby. If there is a surge in the motion, it means your dog is happy. 


Trembling is usually associated with fear. However, your dog’s tail doesn’t function in the same way. Your dog may want to take the lead and in those times you will try to prevent him despite the fact, he doesn’t hurt anyone.Also, he may tremble when he catches a cold.

Raising one paw

Your dog stands in one paw when he needs something. When was he fed last? Is he in need of water? Or is there any other thing that he requires? It’s your responsibility to find it out for your little friend. 

Paws in air 

Is your dog’s belly up? If your dog lifts his paws, it means your dog wants you to know that he counts on you. You can reciprocate to him by rubbing his belly. It’s a way of communicating your assurance when he deserves it. 

Teeth showing 

If your pet is showing teeth,  it means he is trying to protect something valuable. It may be food or any toy. So, you need to be Sherlock to figure out the reason behind this and if you want to dissuade this gesture if your pet’s, you can take the refuge of a trainer. 

Folded tail 

A tucked or folded tail usually means your little friend is afraid of something. You need to invigilate his vicinity and find out whether there is any stranger. If you remove his object of fear or simply move him away from the stranger, this will stop. However, it can also be a sign of pain. Consulting a vet will be helpful in those situations.


Games period? Your dog feels so! Winking means your dog is in a goofy mood. He was to play with you. But if you find him squinting more than normal days, it may depict the eye problem he’s going through.

Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

This is Wendy Hendriks From iClean Internationals Ltd. Life-long learner, committed to working hard at self directed learning environment.

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