Dog Scared of Water? Here Is How You Bath Him Dog bathing||Bath time

Regular Dog Bathing is essential to remove all kinds of dirt, dander, and loose hair sticking on your Fido’s body. But does is he hate water? A dog not showing affinity towards water is common, but that does not mean you ditch bathing them. Here is a quick guide to how to get your dog into the Dog Wash Machine if he hates taking a bath. 

Preparation Dog Bathing

Be sure not to have the Pet Washing Machine in the backyard; keep it in the bathroom. Dogs in close quarters are easier to control compared to when they are in the open. A warm bath is much more soothing and comfortable for your pooch. Before bringing the dog near the Dog Wash Machine, do some preparation by gathering old towels, washcloths, pitchers, dog brush, bathmat, and dog shampoo. Also, brush your dog before the bath to remove excess hair and solid dirt. 

Dog Bathing time

Bath time

Fill one or more of your pitchers in the Pet Washing Machine with warm water for rinsing, followed by filling the Dog Wash Machine with a few inches of water. If you overfill the Pet Washing Machine, your Fido can panic. Secure the non-slip bathmat, and bring your dog into the bathroom. Make sure you turn off the running water as the flow and noise can frighten the dog. 

Now, slowly put him in the Machine and start the Dog Bathing by pouring water slowly from one of the pitchers. Start washing him from his tail and slowly make your way upwards towards the neck and head. Try not to wet the face during the bath as the dog might shake in response; keep washing the face for the last. Hold your dog tight throughout the Dog Wash and appreciate him for his good behavior. 

Shampoo and rinse 

Once your dog is wet, pour some shampoo in your hands, rub to work up lather, and start applying it on the dog’s coat. Similar to washing, start from the tail and slowly make your way upwards. Try your best not to let the shampoo come in contact with the dog’s eyes or face. After applying shampoo, rinse the coat thoroughly in the same order until all the shampoo is removed. 


Once the rinsing is complete, bring your dog out of the Pet Washing Machine and prepare him for a shakedown. Rub his coat thoroughly with a towel and remove as much water and moisture as you can. If your dog has a short coat, this would be all you need. If the coat is long, you will need multiple towels to dry it off completely. Take your dog out after the Dog Bathing to get rid of the remaining moisture. 

Wrapping it up

Some dogs are not easy to bath, and it is not their mistake. Even if your dog hates bathing, you can take certain steps to get him to the Dog Wash Machine and wash him. But, be sure to do it with love and affection, and not by tying up the dog and washing him forcefully.

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