Treat Heat Exhaustion In Dogs- dog wash

Prevent And Treat Heat Exhaustion In Dogs – dog wash

A dog is undoubtedly a man’s best friend. Whether it is a pet dog or a watchdog, it needs proper care and nutrition. During summers, you have to carry out dog wash to keep the pet cool and clean. Otherwise, it will suffer from heat exhaustion and develop serious ailments.


Dogs do not sweat like humans, but instead, they pant to fight the heat. As a caring pet owner, you should notice that this does not prevent overheating effectively. It would help if you cooled the dog down by putting it in a pool. You can also put it in the dog wash machine and wet its ears and paw pads.


Dangers Of Overheating

When dogs overheat, they become sluggish and exhausted. You can see the warning signs as they may collapse or vomit. They also have diarrhea, convulsions, heatstroke, and rapid heart rate. They create quite a mess, and you may have to keep a pet washing machine ready to avoid such scenarios.

Some symptoms of heat exhaustion indicate a heat stroke. The pet’s eyes become glazed, and it drools a lot. It wobbles around and also gets dizzy or develops a fever and loses consciousness. Keeping the pet hygienic by using a dog wash, and checking on its health can be a useful tactic.

If the pet fails to respond to commands and faints, then it can be severe. It may even have a heat stroke and experience organ failure. Under such circumstances, you have to rush it to the vet. If it is not too severe, then put it in the dog wash machine and pour some cold water.


No Breed Is Exempt

No breed of dog is exempt from heat exhaustion and sunstroke. Shepherds, spaniels, retrievers, boxers, pugs, and bulldogs can all suffer from the heat. Even other dogs with thin coats and short hairs are susceptible to warm temperatures. 

Use a pet washing machine and cover it up in cool, wet clothes or towels. You can also try putting it in the shade for some relaxation. If the dog is willing, give it fresh and cool water to drink. Wet the pet’s tongue if it cannot drink water. You have to prevent it from getting into a shock.


Outdoor Activity And Environment

A regular dog wash will keep the watchdog fit for outdoor activities. You have to give breaks during the summer. Use a high-quality dog wash machine to keep its coat healthy and hygienic. Keep the pet hydrated at all times to prevent a stroke.

High humidity also causes the dog to overheat and become exhausted. Please put it in the pet washing machine for some relaxing time. If you live in the city, do not leave it in the car parking lot. Take these steps to prevent exhaustion –

  • A cooling vest or a dog wash at frequent intervals can help it to relax.
  • If the AC or power goes off, drop it in the dog wash machine for some time.

Keep the pet washing machine ready by filling it with cool water and bath salts.

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