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Puppy Health Checklist

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Here is a key Puppy Health Checklist which may indicate a more serious problem if not completely fulfilled Clean Mouth, Relaxed Eyes and Ears, iCleanDogWash


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iCleandogwash Being a dog owner will require you to have telepathic power especially if you don’t have any previous experience. It is without a doubt a daunting task Puppy Health Checklist. As we humans don’t speak their language, it is impossible for most of us to accurately decipher all the signs that dogs may be giving out. Some are better than others depending on the level of experience so there is always something to learn when it comes to parenting dogs. Dogs are quite expressive with a clear body language that can indicate what they are going through. It takes some experience to understand and decipher what they mean. They can indicate various things ranging from running around excited when they are in a jovial mood to being all gloomy and looking for hiding places when they are suffering from an illness. Apart from the regular health check-up performed by the Vet, you must also mention any signs you observe by keeping a lookout for signs that may indicate serious underlying health conditions. This will enable the Vet to perform necessary tests to ensure that your dog is not suffering from any serious health condition. Here is a key puppy health checklist which may indicate a more serious problem if not completely fulfilled. Here is a Puppy health checklist of a healthy dog,

Clean Mouth Puppy medical checklist

The hygiene of your dog’s mouth can reveal a lot about its overall health. Dogs without any buildup on their teeth and a relatively clean and fresh breath is a clear sign that they have good oral health signifying good overall health in most cases. On the other hand, if you observe any rotting smell in their breath then it may be a bad sign. The most common reason for bad breath in dogs is when they have gum diseases like gingivitis. This is caused due to a build-up of food, tartar, and plaque in between their teeth and the gums. This is a leading cause for the loss of teeth in dogs so if you suspect it then you must immediately get it checked it by the Vet.


Healthy Appetite and Body Weight

A dog is considered healthy if it maintains a consistent lean body weight which does not fluctuate too much towards either end of the weight scale. Other signs of good health include a tapering waist well into the hips and not being able to visibly count all their body but just a few. More than malnutrition, pet obesity is a growing concern today with owners overfeeding their dogs these are best Puppy health checklist to follow. Like humans, an excess of cholesterol and sugar can cause various complications in dogs like diabetes, heart diseases and many more. If there is a rapid change in their appetite then even this may indicate a more serious problem if it persists for over a few days. Also review this blog to choose a healthy puppy when buying before.

Relaxed Eyes and Ears | Puppy health checklist

Typically, dogs have a relaxed look with both their eyes and eyelids relaxed. Ears on a healthy dog radiate out heat, helping dogs stay cool. If there are any blockages in their ears then this may hinder its ability to radiate out the heat. While washing your dog in the automatic pet washing machine, we advise you to limit certain parts from the direct flow of the faucet. Rather, you can use indirect water to wash parts like their ears. These dog wash machines as well as information about puppy health checklist may have high-pressure faucets that may lodge water in their ear canals which will cause complications if not cleaned out immediately. Once you are done with the dog wash, you can use a clean towel to clean the surrounding area well.

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