Signs of Illness in your dog

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Your dog expresses their love, friendship, excitement, or madness (that one time you didn’t take them to the dog park) through signs and body language. Likewise, when something is wrong with them, they will communicate it through physical symptoms. They can’t tell you verbally (if your dog does THAT, you’re seconds away from fame), but pet owners that accompany them every day can tell whether their beloved pooch is behaving their normal selves or not.

Pay close attention to any shift in behavior. It could be a hint of an illness or something that is bothering your dog.

Learn some red flags that mean it is time to take your dog to the vet.

Heavy panting

While it is typical for dogs to pant following a good run, chasing toys, or on a summer day outing, it is usually a bad sign if they’re having deep, labored, breathing lasting longer than usual. It could be an indication of a heat stroke, pneumonia, heart failure, or Cushing’s disease.

Excessive drooling

Dog owners with breeds like boxers or mastiffs might already be aware of the exorbitant amount a dog can drool. But excessive drooling might be a sign of something being wrong with your pet.

It might indicate heatstroke, dental issues like periodontitis, or tooth abscess. It might also be likely that your dog has munched on something that has burned their mouth, or eaten a toxic substance or plant.

Altered eating habits

Though it is normal to skip a couple of meals for your dog, any more than that is unmistakably a bad sign. If your dog is ordinarily polite but suddenly starts attacking the pantry or garbage, take them to the vet for a checkup.

Excessive thirst

While it is usual for your pooch to drink more than the normal amount of water on a hot summer day, there is still a limit to it. Ensure that you know the average amount of water your dog drinks every day. If you find yourself refilling their water bowl more than usual, they might be developing kidney disease or diabetes, Mellitus, or Cushing’s disease.


Consult your vet promptly if your dog vomits multiple times in a row, vomits blood, or has a fever. Though dogs might vomit occasionally to get rid of something that didn’t simply suit them, it could cause dehydration or diarrhea. So get your dog checked up immediately.


Sluggishness and tiredness are signs that something might be troubling your dog. If your dog isn’t participating in activities that they usually enjoy, or seem uninterested in playing or going for a walk, bring this to a vet’s attention. Lethargy is not typical of dogs.

Cloudy or red eyes

Squinting, excessive discharge from your dog’s eyes, cloud, or red eyes can be a sign of an injury or infection. There is even the possibility of your dog developing an eye disease or blindness. Ensure an immediate checkup.

Dragging rear

This might be a symptom of worms, blocked or infected anal glands, or diarrhea.

As a pet owner, it is very important to know your dog’s usual behavior and pay attention to any sudden behavioral change. Our dogs communicate with us through these physical symptoms, so it becomes imperative for us to take note of what they’re trying to tell. Always ensure routine checkups of your pooch or any urgent checkup on the appearance of any of these signs.


Wendy Hendriks

Wendy Hendriks

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