With summer coming down in full swing, we can see that our fur balls are panting and puffing away. Be it global warming or regular summer heat, if you notice any signs of their eyes, mucous membrane, tongue, or gums turn deep pink, they are in trouble.

With temperatures soaring way over record temperatures, there are fewer places to cool off and beat the heat. Heat-stress isn’t something to be taken lightly, It can even lead to death if left untreated. “Prevention is better than cure” couldn’t be more fitting for this instance. The most crucial thing that dogs lack is the ability to communicate verbally. This means that it is your duty, as the pet parent to observe all the cues that they express. This may just save both of you the hassle of treatment.

Dogs Bred in colder places are adapted for the cold. These breeds have a low tolerance for the searing heat of warmer regions. By throwing summer into the mix, it becomes unbearable for the double furred breeds. It is advisable to have air-conditioned rooms to ensure safe climatic conditions. Air coolers must not be used as they can increase humidity.

What are the signs of Heat Stress?

Heat Stress can be observed through various symptoms like discoloration of mucous membrane to deep pink, excessive panting, tongue sticking out of the mouth with a fan-like shape are some of the early signs. These symptoms can progress onto bleeding from the nasal cavity with blood in saliva.

What can I do?

If you observe any symptoms mentioned above, we advise you to pour cold water over them and provide them with fresh drinking water. Once their temperature is stabilized, we recommend you to take them to the Vet as soon as possible as this can be fatal.

How can I optimize their diet for summer?

You must refrain from feeding your dog during the hot hours of the day. Always keep ample clean water to keep them well hydrated. You can include fruits in their diet (except grapes). Fruits like pomegranate and watermelon can help them cool down. Protein and carbohydrate-rich diet must be avoided.

How to Groom?

It is advisable to wash your dog at least twice a week. With dog wash machines like Iclean dogwash, you can rest assured that your dog will spotless after each wash. This pet washing machine is available all across the globe and can make the hassle of dog wash a breeze. Dogs with a long or thick fur coat must be trimmed down to a manageable length. This can help them dissipate heat more efficiently.

Any Exercise tips?

Obese dogs are more prone to heat-related ailments, so it is advisable to keep your dogs fit. We advise you to take your dog out for a walk during the cooler hours of the day.

How to Travel?

We advise you do not travel with your dog during due to the scorching summer heat. If, in case, you have to travel, ensure that your dog has ample ventilation either in the form of the air conditioner or the outside breeze with the window cranked down.

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