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iClean Dog Wash Classic Front

The iClean Dog Wash Classic is an offspring of the original Dog Wash from Australia, of which hundreds are already operating worldwide. iClean International has improved and redesigned the original Dog Wash and updated it with car wash-quality components and an 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size) with a lot of extra functionalities.

”We can proudly say that the iClean Dog Wash is the most
advanced dog wash in the world!”

Classic1 n2

Dog Wash

  1. 32-inch Full HD LED TV with information overlay
  2. Dog Wash spray gun with 5 patterns + hair dryer
  3. Door & plateau washtub
  4. Triple-filtration system
  5. Technical cabinet with 11-inch touchscreen + payment terminal

Classic2 n2
iClean Dog Wash Catalogus 2016.indd

Dog Wash

  • Dimensions:
    Length 81.0” (205 cm)
    Height 72.8” (185 cm)
    Width 23.6” (60 cm)
  • Dimensions washtub:
    Length 55.1” (140 cm)
    Width 21.7” (55 cm)
  • Weight: approximately 750 pounds (340 kg)
  • 304B aircraft-grade stainless steel
  • Triple-filtration drain system
  • Contoured non-skid platform
  • Two-speed commercial grooming dryer with built-in air heater
  • Low maintenance peristaltic pumps with very high accuracy (lower chemical costs)
  • 110 V (USA) / 230 V (Europe)
  • 11-inch HD touchscreen with Gorilla glass
  • Industrial touchscreen computer with Intel processor and solid-state drive (SSD)
  • Multilingual system (text & audio)
  • Built-in 10-watt stereo speaker set
  • Audio instructions
    (15 languages, 13 celebrities)

Dog Wash Programs

The customer can choose 8 different programs:

(The same programs as the other Dog Wash models)

1 - Shampoo

       Work through coat by hand

       Aprox. time 1-2 minutes.

2 - Rinse Water

       Use as required

       Aprox. time 1-2 minutes.

3 - Conditioner

       For a healthy coat

       Aprox. time 1-2 minutes.

4 - Anti-Flea Shampoo

       Rinse for Flea control (Leave in)

       Aprox. time 30-60 seconds.

5 - Blow Dry Low

       Blow dry dogs coat

       Aprox. time 5 minutes.

6 - Blow Dry High

       Blow dry dogs coat

       Aprox. time 5 minutes.

7 - Disinfect Tub

       Take dog out of the tub

       Rinse out tub for hygienic clean

       Aprox. time 1-2 minutes.

8 - Stop / Pause

       Push to stop program

Touchscreen Standaard Website.fw


The iClean Dog Wash is equipped with a big 11-inch touchscreen (iPad size). The HD touchscreen is protected with a Gorilla glass screen. The touchscreen computer has an Intel processor and a solid-state drive (SSD), which makes the system snappy and allows you to play Full HD commercials on the built-in LED TV (optional). The touchscreen is fully customizable: we can add your company logo, change the theme color etcetera.

The standard audio files are recorded by professional radio voice-over artists.
You can even choose celebrity voices like Barack Obama or Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Audio instructions

For the audio instructions, you can choose between regular audio files and celebrity audio files.

- Belgian
- Czech
- Dutch
- English (Australia)
- English (Canada)
- English (Great Britain)
- English (New Zealand)
- English (USA)
- French
- German
- Arabic
- Italian
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Russian
- Slovak
- Spanish
- Turkish

- Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Barack Obama
- Charlie Sheen
- Christopher Walken
- David Letterman
- Donald Trump
- Jerry Seinfeld
- John Maddan
- Larry The Cable Guy
- Liam Neeson
- Matthew McConaughey
- Morgan Freeman
- Nicholas Cage
- Patrick Stewart
- Sean Connery
- Walter White

    Dog Wash App

    We have developed an app for our customers. With this app, you can log in
    to your Dog Wash machine(s) from anywhere and access real-time statistics.

    1WASHESYou can see how many people washed their dogs
    (day / week / month / year)
    2TURNOVERThe amount of money received
    (day / week / month / year)
    3PAYMENTSHow much money is in the machine at this moment
    (real time!)
    4STOCKSIs a wash product reservoir almost empty?
    (You will receive an automatic email)
    5LOGSAccess the entire history of various actions
    (date / time of wash / payment / stock)