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iClean Dog Wash Cube

If the Futura is too wild and progressive for you and you prefer a machine with a more symmetrical design, the iClean Dog Wash Cube is the machine of your choice.
The Cube has the same big plateau as the XL and the Futura, which allows the dog to turn more easily and improves the washing experience.
The iClean Dog Wash Cube is more than just beautifully sculpted sheet metal and timeless design elements paying tribute to the
previous Dog Wash generation; every design element serves a specific function to help ensure you are getting the most out of this great machine.

Experience a Dog Wash in a new way with enhanced design and cutting-edge technology with the all-new iClean Dog Wash Cube (and the XL and Futura).

It turns out science fiction has nothing on reality

11 inch model

22 inch model